Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | April 16, 2008

Following His Voice

John 10:1-10

I’m sure that the comparison to sheep isn’t very flattering to many people. After all, sheep aren’t regarded as overly intelligent animals. Does this imply that followers of Christ have to leave behind their reason, logic, sense and be stereotypical “sheep”? Or does this say more about the Shepherd of our souls than comparing us to livestock?

Shepherds of Biblical times really had quite a job. Not only would they have to herd their sheep, but they’d also have to defend them against predators. Jesus defends us against that “prowling lion” Satan.

With all the imagery surrounding referring to clergy as shepherds and congregations as flocks, one wonders if this is a good example in light of the abusive groups around today. I think the text offers another example, though, that shows the difference. It’s said that the sheep who hear Jesus’ voice follow Him because they know Him. When we’ve given ourselves to Jesus, we can hear Him and follow Him. His gentle and wise shepherding helps protect us from the thieves and robbers that come to destroy: the devil and his temptations, false religious leaders, and any who would try to steal the abundant life promised for us.

How will you respond the next time someone or something seems to threaten abundant life for you?


  1. In Psalm 23, we are God’s lambs, in John Jesus is the Lamb. In one aspect, we’re stupid, helpless, sheep, in another we’re loved and secure, and in another we are given as extensions of Christ’s redeeming work in this world. “As the Father has sent Me…”

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