Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | February 12, 2008

He came to save, yet He had to suffer

He came to save, yet He had to suffer

As God's Son Christ was unchangeably the perfect image of the Father; 
as the architect of creation He had no lack of power; as the lover of 
mercy He revealed an unsurpassable depth of compassion; as high 
priest He enjoyed such prestige and dignity that He could stand in 
the presence of God. Who then could ever find another in any way 
equal or comparable to Him? Ponder His love for us. Condemned to 
death of His own free will, He released those who crucified Him from 
sentence of death and turned the sin of His murderers into
sinners' salvation.

He came to save, yet He had to suffer. Emmanuel, being God, became 
man. What He was eternally saved us; what He became suffered. He who 
is in the bosom of the Father is also in the womb of the Virgin. He 
who lies in the arms of His mother also walks on the wings of the 
winds. On high He is adored by angels; here below He eats with tax
Oh what a mystery! I see His wonderful deeds and so proclaim His 
divinity; I contemplate His sufferings, and so cannot deny His

St. Proclus of Constantinople

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