Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | December 29, 2007

Psalm 139


Background: The Psalmist here is facing a time of emotional darkness in his life and is surrounded by enemies. This Psalm is often associated with the Babylonian exile.  What does a person going through such unrest have to teach us?

Summary: God knows and loves us, in a more personal way than our closest family members do. Indeed, God knows us  even better than we know ourselves. I’m sure most of us can remember, as toddlers, our parents being so well-aquainted with our ways that they could find us wherever we chose to hide. God’s knowledge of us is that and much more. It’s not possible to escape God’s presence. One of the most profound spiritual lessons I ever learned was from a Polish Jew who served the horrors of Bergen-Belsen. When addressing attendees at a Yom Hashoah (Holocaust memorial day) service, one man asked her if she ever questioned where God was. Her response was “Where was man?” and how the Holocaust happened because people could have done right and didn’t. God’s presence is never absent from us.


1. How would you describe God’s personal knowledge of us?

2. When was a time when you felt utterly alone, yet had a knowledge of God’s presence?

3. How would you describe humanity as the hallmark of God’s creation?

4. What are some signs of God’s continual loving care?

5. How do you feel vindication usually comes?

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