Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | October 24, 2007

I Want to Create a Webpage But I’m Lost!

Originally written October 24, 2007 and revised July 18, 2017

Creating your own webpage is often one of the first things new Internet users would like to do, but it can seem daunting at first. When I first went online in 1998, I was impressed by pages that I saw but wasn’t sure where to start. So, I pulled together a little Geocities website highlighting my interests and expanded from there. While I’ve changed hosting providers a few times, I’ve retained the original content and expanded on it.

First, think about what you’d like to put on a website. Do some brainstorming and get some ideas down on paper. Look at others’ personal websites, as these may give you helpful ideas.

Next, try to determine whether you require free hosting or paid hosting. Most personal sites should require a free provider. If you want a domain name associated with your site,  you can register a domain with a site such as or and have it “point” toward your free site.  Some free site providers provide integrated blogs and photo albums. It’s best to browse several sites before making a decision.

If you require paid hosting, make sure you’re getting services worth what you’re paying for. For security reasons, I prefer a Linux server utilizing CPanel. A paid hosting service should offer either CPanel or Plesk, both of which make it easier to manage your site. Most companies provide several add-on programs that can be used to enhance your site. Easily available customer service is a must.

Once you have webspace, you’ll need to think about creating your site. Many hosting providers have complimentary site building tools you can use if you don’t know HTML. These can be somewhat limited, so you may prefer a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get)  HTML editor. This allows you to build a website however you’d like to without having to learn HTML. As you get more familiar with building pages, you’ll be able to understand HTML code and possibly experiment with handcoding. offers some good HTML tutorials.
Hopefully, this will serve as a helpful starter guide for you 🙂

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