Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | July 9, 2007

God, The Ever-Loving Parent

Based on Isaiah 66:10-14
A lot of people find it difficult to relate to God in a parent/child context. 
Unfortunately, many religious groups place too much emphasis on God’s righteous anger, but overlook His greater mercy. Yet, this passage from Isaiah presents a God that restores and heals Jerusalem in spite of the sins her people have committed. What kind of God would do that? A God who would become incarnate to save us from our sins.
At various times, many of the people of ancient Israel turned from their faith and served the gods of neighboring nations. This disobedience had consequences, ghastly ones at times. Yet, God was always willing to comfort, heal, and restore His people. God’s love is compared to a mother’s love for her child, which is one of the strongest forms of love possible.
Perhaps you’ve been hurt by a religious group, and can’t relate to God as a 
Parent who loves you everlastingly. All you need to do is be open to letting Godwork in your life.He’s never far away. Not at all!
For This Week: What are some of the ways in which parents show love for their children? Ask you note these, think of ways that God shows His love for us that are similar.

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