Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | June 29, 2007

Making Life a True Choice

I usually try to avoid divisive political issues in my blogs, but there’s been one issue that’s been a sticking point that I’ve decided to address. It’s the issue of abortion, how it polarizes people, and why no real solutions are forthcoming.

While there are many Christians who are exemplary in reaching out to teenage mothers, others who are anti-abortion show no love at all in dealing with these teens facing difficult choices.   One woman I know of who aborted after a rape was treated with contempt by some people even after expressing sorrow over her decision. Another person I know smugly hinted that rape victims should pay the price for being “little hussies who brought it on themselves” and be forced to marry their rapists. The last person I encountered with a less-than-loving attitude even made crude jokes about women with high-risk pregancies and the problems some have faced during delivery.

These people, I’m sure, are in the minority. Unfortunately, people with attitudes such as these  put pro-life supporters in a bad light. IMNSHO, these people are not truly pro-life, as they show no basic concern for all human life. Which is easier, to put down people with differing opinions on a messageboard; or to witness to those contemplating abortion, help provide for pre-natal care, and, possibly, adopt?

Whatever we do in the Name of Christ is in vain if we have not love (1 Cor. 13) How loving your response is to someone in this situation is could very well make all the difference between choosing life and choosing to end an innocent life.

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