Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | June 18, 2007

Sending Cleaner Emails

A lot of us receive e-mails that we like to forward on to others. There’s certainly nothing wrong with sending nice forwards on to friends, but HOW you forward it has a lot to do with whether you or they run into problems.
What kind of problems? When an e-mail is forwarded without the headers (the headers are the part of the e-mail showing who it’s from, what time it was sent, etc) being removed, everyone who receives a copy of the e-mail sees a list of who it was sent to previously. Not only does this violate others’ privacy, you also don’t know who’s going to receive the e-mail eventually and see your e-mail address. A lot of people collect lists of e-mail addresses from forwarded e-mails and use them to spam people or for other unethical purposes. Another reason is that e-mails forwarded too many times are often converted into attachments that can’t be read by all e-mail programs, and a lot of “gibberish” is often added besides.
Here’s a step-by-step way to send your e-mails without all the excess:
1. When you receive an e-mail, download any attachments that came with it that you want included. (Please see your mail program’s help documentation or contact your ISP if you need help).
2. Using your mouse, highlight the part of the message you want to send along to others with your mouse, and select COPY from the EDIT menu.
3. Open a new e-mail. Then, using the PASTE command in the EDIT menu, insert what you copied into the body of the e-mail.
4. Attach the files to the e-mail.
5. Address the e-mail, and put the recipients’ addresses in the blind-copy (BCC) field. With some programs, you may have to put an address in the To: field before the e-mail will send. When this is the case, you should probably use your address instead of someone else’s.


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