Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | June 18, 2007

Praying for Answers

Question for discussion: Do any of you think that separate congregations sharing the same building(s) would be workable?

 Some responses from the old blog:

Scott from Arnprior said…
I don’t think it is likely to be workable, because I sense that where the decision to separate from the Episcopal Church happens there is already likely to be a lack of charity.

The interesting line for me in the article was: They were among the 33 who had voted to remain Episcopalian and now worship with a priest who doesn’t know their names and books that don’t contain their liturgy.

Obviously a new priest will take time to learn their names, but aren’t there congregations who could loan some BCPs to those who have stayed (or has it just been too soon for that to happen)?


  1. Carl George says that church buildings are under-utilized; they should have more congregations, each with their own pastor (in effect, a number of churches using the same building.

    The principles of the church mean they should be able to use the same building; the practice of the church makes it very difficult to execute. If it is doen successfully, it is a wonderful witness to the community at large.


  2. Hi Neil,
    Welcome! I totally agree with what you’ve posted regarding church building usage. Perhaps if this were followed, there’d be fewer problems with newly formed congregations securing a building.

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