Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | June 18, 2007

On Being a Prayer Warrior

On Being a Prayer Warrior

“How’d you become a prayer warrior?” If I’d known anyone would be asking that question six or seven years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it. After returning to the Christian faith at the age of 16 after a “New Age stage” and considering converting to Judaism, I noticed something I’d missed. Christians were great pray-ers and Christian prayer was one of the blessings I’d missed out on.

Shortly after returning to church, and going online, I subscribed to a discussion list for members of my denomination where a group of dedicated participants put together daily prayer summaries for all those who’d requested prayer. I was very touched by this and decided to begin my own prayer ministry, and volunteered to help with the list’s prayer summary.

I began by posting ads looking for prayer partners on Christian messageboards and classified ads. So far, I’ve had a small group of subscribers, some of whom have come and gone, but most have stayed. I recently set up a website, and have taken on several people who are willing to correspond on a one on one basis with people seeking a prayer partner. Besides this, I have a group of about ten who subscribe to my daily prayer summary.

As a prayer warrior, I’ve encountered Christians of all denominations, walks of life, and backgrounds. I’ve corresponded with Christians in countries I’ve never been to. I’ve found that, whether Catholic or Protestant, liberal or conservative, rich or poor, one thing we all have in common is Jesus Christ and our common belief in the best solution to life’s problems-prayer.

Originally written in 2000


  1. I’m also a prayer warrior and I can simply say it is a calling from God. You can’t wake up and just decide to be a true prayer warrior, no more than you can a preacher. I got my calling shortly after I was saved. It’s a true blessing and gift from God. Honestly out of all the calling God gave me the best one. I mean this calling you spend so much time with God in prayer. So often can you feel the present of the Holy Ghost. So when someone asks you how to become a prayer warrior tell them to pray for that gift and calling. Some things can only be handled through fasting and prayer.

  2. Good point, Mark, and welcome. I’m also involved in parish lay ministry, but I’ve found praying for others to be the greatest blessing.

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