Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | June 18, 2007

How is Christianity Different From Other Religions?

How is Christianity Different From Other Religions?

I think the one thing that sets Christianity apart from other religions is salvation by grace. Most other religions teach that we are saved or reach our highest potential by doing something. Here are some examples:

Judaism teaches that a person is ultimely judged by how he/she keeps God’s commandments. The belief regarding non-Jews is that if they are righteous (i.e. do good deeds), they have a place in “the world to come”. Muslims, too, believe that a person obtains salvation by doing certain things.

While Buddhism and Hinduism don’t teach salvation, they believe that one is released from an endless cycle of reincarnation by reaching enlightenment. In their belief, your actions in one lifetime affect how much closer you get to enlightenment in your next life. Many followers of the New Age movement and pagans follow similar beliefs.

Salvation by grace is a wonderful thing. Isn’t it a blessing not to have to worrying about whether your good deeds will get you in heaven? Not to worry about reincarnation and the problems associated with that belief?

I encourage anyone who’s desiring to know the truth in Christ to pray and ask God into your life. God Bless.

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