Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | June 18, 2007

Do You Think Baptism is a Necessary Part of Our Salvation?

Do You Think Baptism is a Necessary Part of Our Salvation?

Yes. Baptism is not only a profession of faith, in my understanding, but also a means of receiving God’s grace and remission of sins. (Mark 1:3-5) Also, Jesus himself commanded the Apostles to baptize others (Matthew 28:19) and the Apostles also preached baptism (Acts 2:38). In most cases, I would say that water baptism is essential to salvation. However, there are Christians out there who have accepted Jesus, but for whatever reason may not be baptized before their death (for instance, a persecuted Christian who is killed before they can be baptized), and their commitment to Christ would be sufficient. I don’t believe that God would turn away anyone who has accepted Christ simply because they never had a chance to be baptized.


  1. Water without repentance doesn’t produce salvation? The free gift of grace through faith and the blood of Christ is what produces salvation, not an act of baptism. Is so easy to take one or two scriptures out of context and produce what you like…

  2. A quick note to posters: if you find someone else’s beliefs (either mine or a visitor’s) objectionable, please offer some comments backing up your position. Accusing another of proof-texting is walking a fine line between disagreement and being disagreeable, so I’d appreciate it if these sorts of comments didn’t persist. Thanks! 🙂

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