Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | June 18, 2007


Adventists hold most of the same beliefs that orthodox Christians do. However, what sets them apart is their belief that the Sabbath is to be observed on Saturday, their belief in conditional immortality (sometimes known as soul sleep), and their emphasis on the writings of Ellen White. There are other Christian groups who believe in a seventh-day Sabbath, but Adventists are the most well-known. Adventists tend to vary in their attitudes towards other, non-Sabbatarian Christians. Common concerns about the group include difference in belief, a strongly anti-Catholic attitude that many members express, and legalism that occurs in some local congregations.

Adventist Outreach Center

Examination of Conditional Immortality

Seventh-Day Adventism: Orthodoxy or Cult?

Apologetics Index: Seventh-Day Adventism

Ex Adventist Outreach

Seventh-Day Adventist History


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